at Design Academy Eindhoven


counter-weight lamp allowing to adjust the light temperature

Light regulates the human biological clock. Its brightness and colour affect people mood. It tells about the time and suggests type of activities. This light that allows to control the atmosphere of the surrounding.

Composed by separated elements, the lamp asks for interaction. (reflector, projector, counter weight system)
We choose our light, adapt its colour, brightness... to the situation by manipulating it. We take time for ourselves, express the rhythm we want to follow and forget the material surrounding.

The reflector offers a pedestal on which we can put objects. The light projector is set on a counter weight system which allows an up and down movement. Placed above the reflector, the light rebounds on the object and goes onto the wall. This alteration modifies the brightness and the colour of the light according to the object criteria. (colour, shape, material...)
Modifying the distance between the projector and the object would enhance the light adjustment possibilities. The closer the light is from the object the more coloured it will be. The further the light is, the brighter it will get.

_brass, powder coated steel, 3d printed nilon, acrylic, wood, electrical cable and fitting

Concept, Design, Develoment:
Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo
Photo, Thumbnail: studio b severin


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