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burned in fire - lampshade exploring memories

“Heimat” is the intersection between memory and space. The
desire for it increases with its loss; associated with feelings of

Inspired by the region of Oranienbaum a small town in the region of Saxony Anhalt, we expressed the impossibility to return to places of once memories.

To capture this aspect, we designed a series of ceramic lampshades using exclusively leftovers found in the neighbourhood. We collected wallpaper, wood, coal and clay - a byproduct of coal mining in that region - together with other organic materials from local farms and fields.

All materials were fired, together with the ceramics, in a primitive pit kiln. Each lampshade captures unique traces of burned materials, referring to something forever lost.

_burned ceramic, wax, electrical cable and fitting

Concept, Design: Birgit Severin, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo
Development: Birgit Severin, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo, Louis-Paul Caron
Support: The Ampelhaus, The Creative Industries Fond NL
Photo, Thumbnail: studio b severin


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