for KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan


vases containing seeds of the endangered flowers of Germany

German belongs to the fourth-largest agricultural producers in the European Union.
Much of the land which used to be nature, became industrially managed monoculture.

The consequences are unmissable with countless wildflowers, plants, insects, and birds that disappeared or becoming endangered.

Agriculture has become the gravedigger of biodiversity. Inspired by the book “Das Ende der Natur: Die Landwirtschaft und das stille Streben vor unserer Haustür” (The End of Natur) we developed, in collaboration with seed manufacturers Saaten Zeller and porcelain manufacturer Kahla, a series of vases. Each vase is filled with native wild plant seed (regional seed) based on 22 regions of origin in Germany.

The project “Memories of a Flower Meadow” is a call for action. Everyone can contribute to help the environment through his or her behavior and the choices we make.

_porcelain, cork, leather, seeds

Concept: Birgit Severin, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo
Design, Development: Birgit Severin
KAHLA/Thüringen Prozellan
Photo, Thumbnail:
Gunter Binsack, studio b severin

Dase Ende der Natur _ Susanne Dohrn


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