at Design Academy Eindhoven


a mirror for self-communication

The face is the essential part of your identity, this is the body part used to face the world. (Jean-Pierre Ameisen)

The face shows expressions, it delivers informations to others about your current mood. More precisely, the gaze expresses your state of mind accurately. During a gaze exchange, people communicate with each other and could change other’s mind instantly.

By referring to the mirror stage, we could say that our eyes belong to someone else. We become two different persons ; this gaze exchange only needs one person then.

This domestic mirror allows a personal communication, a personal gaze exchange. By interacting with it, we create a singular moment of gaze reflection. The censorial experimentation gives the possibility to transmit to ourselves a moral support and regain balance.

_smart glass, mirror, wood, electronics

Concept, Design, Develoment:
Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo
Photo: studio b severin

Thumbnail: Overal vlammende ogen by Odilon Redon, studio b severin


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