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milk as glaze questioning our relationship to food and nature

Germany is the largest dairy producer in the EU with new production records every year. For example, 33.1 million tonnes of milk were produced in Germany in 2018, although the number of dairy cows has decreased compared to previous years. But these productivity achievements are having their downfalls.

Milk prices are continuously declining, not even covering their production costs. Moreover, there are almost 380 000 tonnes of milk powder in stock in the EU.
This skim milk is now being sold on world markets, strongly affecting milk prices in developing countries such as West Africa. Cow milk production, furthermore, poses numerous threats to our environment by significantly contributing to greenhouse gas emission as well as air and water pollution.

Developed in collaboration with porcelain manufacturer Kahla, the projects “White Gold - White Trash” aims to question the production and value of food. Cheaper than porcelain glaze, milk is being used as a natural glaze, a nutritious aliment burned for decorative purposes.

To emphasize profit over diversity, only the most profitable objects of the company Kahla were reproduced. The result is a new collection, which forms a visual unit through natural milk glaze.

_milk glazed porcelain

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Concept: Birgit Severin, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo
Design, Development: Birgit Severin
KAHLA/Thüringen Prozellan
Photo: Gunter Binsack, Matthias Ritzmann

Thumbnail: dairymaster.com/de/video/1541687558/, Gunter Binsack

Milchmenge und entwicklung  _ Miltrends.de
The EU dairy sector _ europarl.europa.eu
Europe’s hidden milk lake threatens fragile market _  politico.eu


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